"This was a fantastic yoga class. Crystal is a great instructor. I felt challenged but free to choose my own level."
-James. January, 2020
"Emily was amazing! Super welcoming and led a really calming class!"
-James. December, 2019
"Haley is great! Her cues were very clear and her hands-on adjustments felt so good. Relaxing vinyasa class. Thank you!"
-November 2019
"Best workout I've ever! Sara is a master instructor and created an inclusive, welcoming vibe, and the entire class was challenging and kinesiologically spot on. This is the best way to start your Saturday!"
-October 2019
"Really nice Hatha class. I appreciated Jamie’s approach to different poses. The alignment focus helped me reconnect with familiar asanas."
-September 2019
"Great traditional vinyasa class in a cute little neighborhood studio. Teacher was super warm and welcoming and great at providing instruction."
-August 2019
"Amanda was nothing short of amazing. The class was more of a workout than I was expecting but I wasn’t upset about the surprise!"
-July 2019
"Great yin class and Vanessa was a fantastic teacher!"
-June 2019
"Have you ever wanted to learn how shiva did his squats, experience morning chakra alignment vibes in an adorable neighborhood, have Glass Animals playing while you downward dog, I know I did, and then I found Drishti. I am a novice, but the vibe here, the teachers, the students and the space have made me come back again and again. Soon I will be doing the dragonfly on the breeze, thanks Drishti!"
-Das K. January 2019
"Lovely space with good energy. The owners are two fabulous high-vibe ladies who know what they're doing and are great creatives. I recommend their classes and also the other random cool workshops they host!"
-Mandelyn R. June 2018
"Donica is an amazing instructor. It was the perfect way to wake up."
-May 2018
"Avery is lovely and has very calm, supportive energy. This is a great class for all levels, for me the slow flow was mentally challenging in ways that more physically demanding classes aren't."
-April 2018
"I loved this class and especially the studio! You can tell it is a well cared for and inviting space."
-March 2018
"Since I moved to the Woodlawn neighborhood, Drishti has been such a wonderful place that I've committed to a practice there and found in it a wonderfully welcoming community."
-Gemma B. February 2018

"Loved the class and the teacher. Very good vibes and a great way to start my Sunday. Liya gave a yoga nidra meditation at the end that was truly soothing."
-January 2018
"My son had so much fun! Great active class to get the wiggles out with a nice calming end."
-December 2017
"I love Avery and I love this class. It's always full, so I'm clearly not the only one who feels this way."
-November 2017
"Emily was great! So nice and welcoming. Really nice flow!"
-October 2017
"Amanda had such attention to detail and customized everything for us. I loved this class!"
-September 2017
"Very welcoming, small studio- judgement free zone!"
-Ana K. August 2017
"I'm hooked on yoga thanks to Drishti."
-Brandon C. July 2017
"This was one of my favorite restorative classes ever. Avery spent plenty of time in each pose and watched us for form adjustments as needed. She was such a good guide. And even went over to let us fully rest in our final corpse pose. Loved it."
-June 2017
"Great studio! Drishti helped me start my yoga practice. They are kind and patient and you will get a great workout. Highly recommended!"
-Jason K. May 2017
"Melissa provides the best way to start a new week! Refreshed and full of energy!"
-April 2017
"This is a fabulous studio and Crystal is a dedicated whole hearted teacher. I highly recommend this class!"
-March, 2017
"Lovely space in an accessible neighborhood. Emily was great."
-February, 2017
"Avery explains every position in an easy to follow manner. Her class was very calming while still building a little sweat. I will definitely be back."
-January, 2017
"This was my favorite restorative class so far! Donica was hands on and explained the poses well. I felt incredibly rejuvenated and relaxed after those deep twists and big body circles!"
-December, 2016
"Great teachers, prices, and space. Perfect for those in the neighborhood."
-Megan B. November 2016
"Great little yoga studio! I love this place. Peaceful and welcoming atmosphere. The classes are great for all levels of yoga skill. You'll get individual attention and feedback, plus there's a complimentary tea station."
-Kelly L. October 2016
"I am visiting Portland for a month and decided to try yoga for the first time at Drishti. I'm halfway through my time here and I can say that Drishti has surpassed my expectations. I hope all yoga studios are as professional, fun, and welcoming as you guys! I know that yoga is something I will continue to practice after I leave Portland and I have you to thank for that. Special thanks to Crystal, Tess, Melissa, and Sarah for being amazing instructors. I look forward to yoga class every morning with you guys!"
-Eric I. September 2016
"Beautiful space, intimate class sizes, wonderful teachers. Can't praise it high enough!"
-Betsy Y. August 2016
"This is a great yoga studio! It's small, welcoming, and a very comfortable space. The instructors always want to know how you're feeling and what kind of class you want that day."
-Lisa B. July 2016