Sarah Coleman


Originally from Scotland, I have been living in Portland since Oct 2014. I have always enjoyed moving my body through acrobatic tumbles and free flowing dance. In my mid-twenties, I became more aware of the union that yoga promotes between body, mind, soul and how the breath is weaved throughout. Drawing yoga into my life has at its simplest helped me become a calmer, happier being and I hope to share the health benefits yoga can bring at ‘Drishti’.In 2011, I embarked on a 200 hr teacher training in Rishikesh, India. This 6-week intensive was what I needed to deepen my own personal practice and realize how important and valuable yoga was to me. It was from that point I was inspired to share what I know of this massive, ancient topic that is yoga. We are all here to learn and I’m happy to continue learning, sharing and guiding.

A few years ago, I trained with ‘Rainbow Kids Yoga’ in Edinburgh and subsequently created an after school group where we jumped on our yoga mats and went on weekly adventures. Here in Portland, I find myself lucky enough to be guiding children through daily yoga at a local preschool. Helping children find calmness and learn how to take this into their daily life is so valuable.

I look forward to learning and practicing with you all.