Liya Leng


I see with my eyes and my hands. I listen with my whole heart. And from that deep listening, I craft classes tailored to what my students need. I create a space for them to feel kindness toward themselves, which in our competitive society, we often feel we need permission for.

I teach my students how to feel in their bodies for what they need and to be able to give that to themselves. I see their strengths and vulnerabilities and meet them at their edge. For some, finding the edge means letting go of fear to go deeper into a pose. For others, it means pulling back from habitual struggle and over-effort to feel what’s truly happening in their bodies.

I remind each person that there is immense healing power in being able to begin anew. Each time we notice that we drift off or sink into negative self-talk, the act of noticing and choosing to begin again is brave and noteworthy.