Kim Louvin


Kim Louvin is a southerner who lives in the Pacific Northwest carrying out the legacy of her grandfather a great country music/bluegrass legend from the Grand Ole Opry. Charlie Louvin was one half of the Louvin Brothers and her Gemini nature allows her to always be reminded that each part has an equal and opposite counterpart serving its own unique role in the stories of our lifetimes.  She is a mental health practitioner by daytime and a spiritually inspired yoga and mindfulness guide in the moonlight.  She’s worked with people her entire adult life to help us all find our ways back home to our true selves.  Through live, love, and the pursuit of logic, Kim weaves in nuggets of her favorite songs, quotes, and stories to create an experience where you’ll learn alternative meanings to “hips don’t lie,” Satan is Real, and how powerful the ever-present sentiment of “just take a deep breath” truly can be.

Kim believes in the power of yoga, writing, journaling, meditating, dancing, and getting our stuck energy out any way that we healthily can.   She began teaching yoga after experiencing her own personal journey through the pandemic and being healed and held through the combination of yin yoga and journaling.  She desires to share what has helped so profoundly and would love to invite you along to ride the waves with her on your own magic carpet.

Yoga is how I became in tune with my mind, body, and spirit at a deeper level.  My grandfather always had a special essence about him and over the last few years, I’ve learned to embody and live into this essence through returning to writing and journaling as an integral part of my self-care routine.  Yoga and Journaling have become a spiritual practice where I’ve reconnected to myself and the lessons and stories deeply encoded into me.  I’ve learned to decode the stories placed on me, untangle the knots in my shoulders, and write out my version of the “how did I get here” and “why is this happening” through unweaving the patterns in my body that can only be untangled through long holds, deep stretching, and stillness of the mind.  Yin Yoga has brought me through more breathtaking moments in 2020 than I’d ever imagined facing over a lifetime.  Journaling has allowed me to jot down lessons, stories, and emotions in a profound way to showcase my own growth to myself, wrestle with hard truths, and document the mind-bending experiences we’ve collectively faced in 2020.