Kim Erickson


In 2009, yoga found Kim when she had lost her balance between work and life.

“Finding myself one day at an all-time low, over-worked and over-stressed, my mind and body finally gave in. Vowing to never allow myself to get to this point again, I began my yoga journey. Starting out at age 29, as a student new to the ideas and practices of yoga, to now teaching others how yoga can change them from the inside out, this has been one of the best adventures I have ever been on. Having recently changed paths, leaving a career of 9 years to follow my true dream, I pull upon my own life experiences and the inspiration and wisdom of other teachers I have had the opportunity to take classes from. Through my classes, I hope to not only inspire and motivate through words and music, but help others recognize the changes that happen off and on the mat when yoga becomes a part of their life. How yoga changes the body, mind and spirit helping us to better connect with ourselves and others and hopefully make the world a better place. Your sacred space is where you find yourself again and again”…