Kate Sappell


Kate is a lover of movement who has a strong desire to share this love with her community. Born and raised in Los Angeles, she moved to the Pacific Northwest a decade ago and currently lives in Portland, OR.

A deep connection to the natural environment is a huge factor in keeping Kate rooted to the PNW. This relationship to the elemental world has informed her personal yoga practice as well as her teaching. By communing with nature, she is better able to access a sense of creativity, gratitude, compassion, and interconnectedness. Anyone who attends Kate’s classes will clearly see and feel these values woven into the flow of class.

Kate is passionate about offering inclusive movement practices based on respect for all experiences. She offers an opportunity to connect to the body through breath, movement and mindfulness that allow for inquiry and curiosity.

She is a dedicated student of yoga, teaching classes that are informed through an embodied approach. Kate believes yoga allows us to connect to the essence of ourselves and that the values and ethics we learn in our yoga practice expand outward into our communities.

Kate is interested in teaching strong and slow movement that focuses on alignment. She teaches Vinyasa, mindfulness, and Restorative Yoga. She completed her 300-hour training with Suniti Dernovsek in 2020 and continues to work with her mentor, Sarah Diedrick.