Jess Martinez


As a forever student, Yoga is a constant companion that continues to inspire me everyday. Yoga offers me more space for self-compassion, acceptance and possibilities, adding a richness to my life that I am eager to share.

As a teacher, my intention is to hold space that is inclusive, supportive and empowering, inviting curiosity and an exploration of a deeper connection with the body and breath, finding a balance between effort and ease. I teach from a place of gratitude for the practice, with an open heart and mind.

My approach is a creative blend of strength and fluidity within a guided, embodied flow. Honoring the vast tradition of yoga while drawing on a variety of new perspectives of movement, including my background in Pilates, dance, strength training and functional fitness.

Together we will explore moving through shapes and dynamic transitions at a pace that feels supportive. Arriving in stillness and returning to the breath.

I am originally from Los Angeles and was born into a diverse family of Mexican and European Jewish decent. I enjoy traveling and exploring new places just as much as getting lost in a local antique shop. I’m obsessed with music and love staying up late playing records and nerding out to my favorite artists.