Helen Anderson

I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon and started practicing yoga as a teenager. I recently moved back from Vienna, Austria, where I lived for the last 9 years. I got my bachelor’s degree in translation there and taught in a Montessori elementary school for 5 years.
I got involved in children’s yoga through a fellow Montessori teacher and yogi and just loved it. I saw how well yoga can be adapted for children, who naturally want to move, be goofy and have fun. I also saw how much it helps them learn about regulating themselves and their emotions. Yoga was a work choice in my elementary classroom that I saw children often turn to to unwind, get focused, or just to get some healthy movement. I get most of my inspiration for children and family classes from the Kidding Around Yoga teacher training I did last year. I love giving kids more opportunities to move, connect with themselves, and learn the basics of yoga practice. Besides being the perfect way to balance out a hectic school and family schedule, they will also use the skills they gain in yoga throughout their entire lives.

When I am not doing yoga I enjoy my work with children in Montessori schools, and I love playing music.