Aimee Renteria


Aimee Renteria is from Lake Tahoe, CA.  Growing up in a mountain town, she developed a love for outdoor activities and naturally gravitated towards a health conscious lifestyle. It seemed a likely choice to study health sciences.   As a student- athlete, Aimee graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science, Health Ecology from University of Nevada, Reno (UNR). While studying at UNR, Aimee played soccer for the UNR women’s soccer team as well as coached for various competitive youth soccer travel teams.  As a coach, she utilized her knowledge in health science to develop preventative injury, dietary and strength programs for the athletes. Upon graduation from UNR, Aimee continued to tailor her knowledge and skills at Tahoe Forest Therapy Services, in Truckee CA, as a therapeutic exercise specialist.  Assisting patients and athletes with their individual rehabilitative programs to heal and return to their active lifestyles.  

Davis Massage Institute, Alive & Well, Institute of Conscious Bodywork in Larkspur, CA and Sunshine Massage Institute in Chiang Mai, Thailand presented the next building blocks for practical knowledge.  Through the disciplines of neuromuscular therapy (NMT), neuromuscular reprogramming (NMR) and Thai massage, Aimee gained new insight to her own body, and a better understanding of how these unique techniques assist the body to maintain a pain free state; balancing the musculoskeletal and nervous systems to enhance function of joints, muscles and body mechanics. 

 To practice her new bodywork tools, Aimee found a home in midtown Sacramento at Body Advantage (BA), specializing in therapeutic massage.  Originally, she was working for the owner of Body Advantage, a gifted body worker who was turning away new clients. Aimee came on board to take all walk-ins and new business.  Over the span of six years, a shift from sub-contracted work evolved into Aimee working independently within the BA business model. Her offerings at Body Advantage were; Therapeutic Massage, Thai Massage, Yoga Therapy and a passion to assist her clientele with healthy choices and lifestyle routines.   While living in Sacramento, Aimee was a member of the Associated Body Workers and Massage Professionals as well as the East Sacramento Chamber of Commerce.  


Aimee has recently graduated from the Institute of Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy in Portland, Oregon.  Ayurveda has given Aimee a lens to see health from a different perspective, showcasing natural ways to live a healthy lifestyle and stay away from disease and unhealthy living.  Throughout the six years in her practice in Sacramento, there was a constant thought that more could be done to help people with their alignments. Ayurveda and yoga therapy have provided many new tools to help folks effectively and simply. 

Aimee hopes to continue her studies at Institute of Ayurveda.  Currently she is a teacher’s assistant for the year- long 300-hour program. In the future, she hopes to blend yoga therapy, massage and Ayurveda into a unique holistic blend of healing to offer the communities of Portland, Sacramento and Lake Tahoe.