Avery Lewis
Drishti Teacher and Co-Founder

Avery is a graduate of The Movement Center's 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program in Portland, Oregon. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Development Studies and has spent the last seven years working on Fair Trade and sustainable development projects in Cochabamba, Bolivia, Columbus, OH (her hometown) and in Portland.

“I believe that yoga acts as a microcosm of life off of the mat. It teaches us self acceptance, reflective awareness, and how to communicate kindly and intentionally with ourselves and others. I also firmly believe that the compassion, understanding, and forgiveness we learn from yoga are the building blocks of strong, supportive communities – communities that respect people, the planet, and interact peacefully with others. This is my main motivation for teaching.

My teaching style is playful and explorative. In my classes, you can expect emphasis on the use of breath to support movement and deepen the experience, as well as useful alignment cues to ensure safety and optimal functioning of the body. It is my hope that students will leave my classes feeling a stronger connection to the Self, grounded, and open in both body and mind. I look forward to seeing you in class, learning, growing and creating together.”

Crystal Covelle
Drishti Teacher and Co-Founder

Crystal was born and raised here in Portland, Oregon and never moved away; a rare breed, indeed. She has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. In addition to practicing and teaching yoga, she enjoys working at her friend's super fun bar, Turn! Turn! Turn!, handcrafting candles, and traveling.

"I've been practicing yoga since 2000 and loving it! Since 2015, I have 350 training hours as an RYT certified through Yoga Alliance.

My classes are intended to provide students with a safe and fun environment to have their own practice. I encourage students to let their bodies tell them where to go, taking a full expression or a modification, for example. In my classes, we will aim to collectively focus on the breath and stay in the present moment, all while giving our bodies a good work out."

Donica Schmidt
Drishti Teacher

Donica has been sharing the joys of movement with others her whole life. She has been a yoga teacher since 2008, a trained dancer from childhood through college, and a certified acupuncturist in the Portland area since 2016, donicaschmidtacupuncture.com.

Healthy movement and food-based preventative medicine are cornerstones of her acupuncture and yoga practices. In her classes, she focuses on alignment, physical awareness, and graceful breathing. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned yogi, you are welcome to join her vinyasa-inspired classes in exploring your own body's potential for healing and contentment in movement. Hope to see you soon!

Tess Arumugam
Drishti Teacher

As a yoga practitioner and a registered nurse, I have witnessed, experienced, and come to truly appreciate the intelligence of the human body and the importance of connecting it with the mind. With a calm and fun atmosphere, my classes are challenging yet accessible and have a strong emphasis on proper alignment, allowing you to work with who you are in the present moment and to explore your potential. Our yoga mats are a great place to figure things out, to just move and be in our bodies, and, most importantly, to smile and have a good time.

Sarah Coleman
Drishti Teacher

Originally from Scotland, I have been living in Portland since Oct 2014.  I have always enjoyed moving my body through acrobatic tumbles and free flowing dance.  In my mid-twenties, I became more aware of the union that yoga promotes between body, mind, soul and how the breath is weaved throughout. Drawing yoga into my life has at its simplest helped me become a calmer, happier being and I hope to share the health benefits yoga can bring at 'Drishti'.

In 2011,  I embarked on a 200 hr teacher training in Rishikesh, India. This 6-week intensive was what I needed to deepen my own personal practice and realize how important and valuable yoga was to me. It was from that point I was inspired to share what I know of this massive, ancient topic that is yoga. We are all here to learn and I’m happy to continue learning, sharing and guiding.

A few years ago, I trained with 'Rainbow Kids Yoga' in Edinburgh and subsequently created an after school group where we jumped on our yoga mats and went on weekly adventures. Here in Portland, I find myself lucky enough to be guiding children through daily yoga at a local preschool. Helping children find calmness and learn how to take this into their daily life is so valuable.

I look forward to learning and practicing with you all.

Emily Carlberg
Drishti Teacher

Emily graduated with her 200 Yoga Teacher Training certificate from The White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara, California in 2013. She has been practicing various styles of yoga since 2008 and is drawn to the philosophy, spirituality, and accessibility of yoga.

"I am originally from Illinois and moved to Portland to attend the National University of Natural Medicine. I am currently working toward my Naturopathic Doctoral degree to bring a more natural and holistic side to health care. Yoga fits in perfectly into the holistic lifestyle I want to bring to my community.

My yoga teaching style encourages introspection, mindfulness, and meeting your body where it is at each moment. Yoga is for every body and all walks of life, so I show many modifications to cater to all types of yogis! Each class will involve grounding, strength, self-love, compassion, and breath awareness. My hope is for you to leave class feeling happy, healthy, and complete."

Amanda Barnett
Drishti Teacher

Amanda "B" Barnett has been studying wellness for the greater part of her life. She has a BS in Psychology & studied secular based Mindfulness meditation and Loving Kindness practice with Insight LA. She received her yoga certification through SOLA School of the Contemplative Arts with an emphasis on somatics and anatomy & studied breathwork with Erin Telford. She is an Advanced Reiki practitioner and is currently studying Vitalist herbalism with The Evolutionary School of Herbalism. You can find her at barneyandflow.com

Daniel Considine
Drishti Teacher

Before moving to Portland Daniel’s path lead him exploring and studying around the world for 5 years and along the way yoga practice and the path became one story. Spending time in communities where permaculture and yoga were staples of everyday life instilled the practice in him and sparked a drive to study ashtanga in Mysore under the guidance of B.N.S. Iyengar, M.V. Chidananda and Ajay Kumar. Returning to the United States after one trip he was was embraced by a yoga community in Eugene; Dharmalaya, that inspired his drive to offer guidance to others in their practice and on his next trip to Mysore Daniel did a 200 hour hatha TTC with Noah Mckenna.

Daniel revels in an endless pursuit of expression through music and art; practicing flamenco guitar and dance, ballet, stained glass, writing and puppetry. Growing and eating food are also some of his favorite things.

Classes with Daniel can range from grounding introspection to more dynamic and heated flows. He likes to bring attention to breath work, bandhas, and finding ease in the poses.

Melissa Szaro
Drishti Teacher

Melissa has been practicing yoga for 7 years & teaching for 2. She began her practice to heal from a chronic, painful bladder condition diagnosis, and fell in love with yoga as it positively transformed her mind, body & spirit. She appreciates how yoga has taught her to tune in to her body and slow down to listen. She received her 200hr Vinyasa flow instructor certification from the Lotus Seed in Portland, OR in 2014. Since then, she has been traveling, teaching on the road at hostels & festivals, and organizing donation based yoga in the park. She has been based in Portland for the past 4 years, and can be found teaching yoga in studios & parks in Portland & Vancouver, or at school studying herbalism & nutrition. Her yoga classes include a balance of soft & slow and strong & challenging poses, tailored for the beginner with options to make a pose more supported or take it a bit further if you wish.

Amanda Oliphant
Drishti Teacher

I strive to create a safe and joyful environment for students to confidently explore their practice and tap into their inner strengths. I enjoy teaching classes based in vinyasa principles with the belief that students find centeredness through movement and breath. My classes tend to be challenging yet accessible, as I incorporate therapeutic elements of music and aromatherapy to supplement the flow. My hope is that you leave my class sweaty, grounded, and with more love for yourself.

Amanda received her RYT 200 hour teacher training from Karma Yoga in Portland, Oregon and has been practicing for over 10 years. She has a Bachelor of Science in Community Health Education from Portland State University and is a Registered Health Coach currently working at Providence Health & Services as a Health Promotion Coordinator.

Kady Monroe
Drishti Teacher

I was born and raised in San Antonio Texas, and have lived in San Francisco California for the last 7 years. I received my degree in Painting from The San Francisco Art Institute, and became a part of the San Francisco yoga community in 2009 through Yoga to the People, an amazing all donation studio specializing in power vinyasa flow. I received my 200hr Yoga Alliance Teaching Certificate from YTTP in 2013.

In 2014, to further and deepen my study, I ventured to India to study Ayurvedic diet and the doshas, the Yoga Sutras, pranayama, chanting, meditation, bajans, slokas, The Bagavad Gita, ancient Indian cleanses, and the asana. In Kerela India, I received my 500hr yoga Alliance Teaching Certificate from Aarsha Yoga Vidya Peetham, under the guidance of Bhooma Chaitanya and Yogeshananda Saraswati.

Yoga is the practice of union. Feeling in Union with the Self, with all Beings. The physical components of Yoga are a means to navigate the body. With the breath, the postures, and meditation, the devoted practitioner finds physical balance, vitality, cleansing, peace, strength, openness, and interconnectedness with all Beings.

My teaching style is engaged and loving! I encourage creativity in the classroom, and an approach that is free of destination(other than union of course). I offer long holds in poses to allow the body to open and strengthen at once, causing the relationship to be deep and direct with the absolute accompaniment of breath. The breath is key; it is the compass. The breath can also send one to the cosmos! There is so much to explore. Practicing yoga is cultivating the courage to “look into the white fire of a great mystery.” I enjoy offering a safe place to breathe and feel and witness the body and the mind.

Heather Powers
Drishti Teacher

Heather, originally of Portland, ME now located on the west coast Portland, is a lover of movement in all forms. She explores her passion through being a dancer, personal trainer (NASM), Pilates & yoga instructor.

She was first introduced to yoga through dance training. With the physical demands of dance, practicing yoga was a way to counter balance.

But, yoga had a impactful reaction in Heather’s life, opening up a connection and devotion to self care that only helped further her ability to dance and be more in present with herself.

Heather considers yoga as a way to connect the mind and body. Her style of teaching encourages self awareness through structural integration. She teaches a strong flow of challenging you to push limits and embracing the present moment. Classes will always be a great work and of course, have a dancer’s flair.

Emma Liceaga
Drishti Teacher

I discovered yoga when I was 17 years old after being injured in a tragic car accident. Physical therapy, pain relievers, and doctors could not help my pain, immobility, or sleep disturbances. I finally began to see a somatic-emotional release massage therapist who invited me to her yoga class. That night I slept like a baby and I’ve been hooked ever since. Yoga had literally given me my life back and, in an attempt to pay it forward and share what I could of my experience, I completed my 200 hour YTT in San Diego in 2014. In 2015, I spent five weeks in Goa, India studying yoga and philosophy under Sudhir Rishi at the Sampoorna Yoga Village. I teach vinyasa flow and emphasize mindfulness, breath control, and unity of breath with movement. I also encourage a body positive environment and hope to foster a sense of gratitude for what our bodies are capable of regardless of where we are on our yoga path.

Holly Barnett
Drishti Teacher, Sub

A dancer since preschool ballerina dreams, April dedicated herself to a serious yoga practice in 2011. Meeting her teacher Theresa May in Chesterfield, MI, receiving the encouragement to listen to her own body and love it for all of its flaws just as much as its potential, was the catalyst for investing herself in living a life of yoga. After initial teacher training with Theresa May, advanced training with Alison Duckworth in Clackamas at Karma Yoga, and continuing to study with her teacher Audra Carmine at Love Hive Yoga, April has accumulated over 1000 hours of teaching experience (in Portland as well as Melbourne, Australia) and holds Yoga Alliance’s 200eRYT/500RYT certification (read: lots of teaching, lots of training) as well as YACEP (continuing education provider). She also holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Dance Performance from Marygrove College in Detroit and dances with PDX Dance Collective. April’s classes focus on body awareness, individual expression of movements, strong breath, and the most worthy goal of all - a pursuit of happiness.

Linda Caravia
Drishti Kid's Yoga Teacher

Linda has practiced yoga for years and is overjoyed to bring Imagination Yoga to her daughter as well as other children. Imagination Yoga has been an enriching way for Linda to deepen her bond with her daughter, as well as put Imagination Yoga into her parenting toolbox. Currently, Linda is a volunteer working board member at a children's charity, St John's SwapNPlay in Portland, Oregon. Linda brings an extensive background in business management. With a 20+ year career in marketing, training & development, event planning, human resources, merchandising, and market research. She has worked as an Oregon licensed massage therapist, certified chiropractic assistant as well as taught cardio kickboxing. Linda's core values are centered around community building, self development education and sharing resources. In addition to being a wife and mother, Linda is an animal lover who currently has 4 rescue dogs at home to care for.

Drishti Teacher, Sub
Kelli received her 200-hour RYS teaching certificate from Transcending Yoga, a small yoga school located in her hometown in the south outer banks of North Carolina. In addition to yoga training, she also holds a Masters of Science in Kinesiology with a concentration in Sport and Exercise Psychology as well as a Bachelors of Science in Health and Fitness. To complete her MS, she developed and implemented an intervention utilizing Mindfulness in physical activity. She is also a Board Certified Reflexologist with specialized training in Integrated Soul Energy Therapy.
"I began practicing yoga nearly 10 years ago as an elective in college. The universe presented yoga to me at a critical time in my life and it has continued to be a driving force. Throughout my training, degrees and research I have found that my favorite part of yoga is simply to arrive on my mat and 'do what feels good and leave the rest behind'.  I enjoy everything from a 27-sun salutation challenge to an hour-long savasana. For me, yoga is a creative and playful way to be present and express yourself."
Holly Barnett
Drishti Teacher, Sub

Holly was drawn to yoga at the age of 15 after experiencing purely blissful state during a deep savasana in her first yoga class. Once introduced to that feeling she couldn't get enough, and after noticing its many benefits, Holly was inspired to learn all that she could about yoga. This sparked an interest in all things health and wellness related. As she continued feeling better and better with the integration of her growing knowledge of health, Holly decided to enroll in Clark College's fitness trainer program while completing her 200RYT. Now graduated with an extensive understanding of the human anatomy and of exercise science, Holly offers both challenging and relaxing classes for people of all ages and levels. She realizes that all bodies are different and takes the approach of making the pose fit the body, not forcing the body to fit the pose. Several options are offered during her classes to ensure everyone is exactly where they need to be. Holly's vision as a yoga instructor is to promote wellness and encourage self love by providing a safe space for students to grow in their practice, on and off the mat.

Holly Barnett
Drishti Teacher, Sub
Developing a deep understanding and appreciation for the body as a sacred vehicle has been an important element to Patty's journey to serve  as a teacher. A lifelong love of time outdoors and meditation helped Patty to find her connection to nature and ushered her to a search to deepen her relationship to her own body and awareness of its movement and relation to others.  She has traveled to India, Nicaragua, and Mexico to deepen her yogic knowledge through workshops and retreats. She has been the student of many teachers, priests, & shamans and reflects an appreciation as well as cultural and stylistic variations on her practice. Most recently spending winter and spring of 2017 teaching both Vinyasa and Yin at Moon Shala studio in Sayulita Mexico.
Certified with the Yoga Alliance, having completed her 200 hour level training , as well as earning a certification in trauma related yoga therapy from the Daya Foundation, Patty's teaching is inspired by her desire to assist her students gain strength and trust in themselves and their bodies. Encouraging stillness and the patience to go inward , listening and building their own self knowledge & love.