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February 29, 2020 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

$20 – $40



“The shadow wears many faces: fearful, greedy, angry, vindictive, evil, selfish, manipulative, lazy, controlling, hostile, ugly, undeserving, cheap, weak, critical, judgmental…
The list goes on and on. Our dark side acts as a storehouse fora ll these unacceptable aspects of ourselves, our disowned shames – all the things we pretend not to be and all the aspects that embarrass us. These are the faces we don’t want to show the world and the faces we don’t want to show ourselves.
Everything we hate, resist, or disown about ourselves takes on a life of its own, undermining our feelings of worthiness. When we come face-to-face with our dark side our instinct is to turn away, and our second is to bargain with it to leave us alone. Many of us have spent vast amounts of time and money in an effort to do just that. Ironically, it’s these hidden aspects we’ve rejected that need the most attention. When we locked away those parts of ourselves we didn’t like, unknowingly, we sealed away our most valuable treasure. These valuables are therefore hidden where we would least expect to find them. They are hidden in the dark.”
-Debbie Ford
Join Amanda for a special Breathwork to bring awareness, integrate and heal around our Shadows.

Breathwork is a profound active meditation. A three part breath that encourages stuck energy to move, deeply detoxing your mental, physical + emotional bodies. Every session is an occasion for transformation; to somatically get the ‘gunk” out and to move beyond current limitations, change emotional default settings, negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs. It is a chance to actually let go; an opportunity to release strong emotions and connect to your own unique life force energy and intuition as well as open your heart to more creativity, gratitude and self love. It leaves you feeling softer and less burdened. It supports you to come into contact with your authentic self and shed what doesn’t serve that.When we come together in a group with the intention to heal we amplify our own healing as well as healing for the collective.

We will begin in a Sacred Circle and then I will lead you to breathe together to a sweet soundtrack as I burn holy wood and herbs to clear the space.

Feel free to bring a mat and/or blankets… whatever will make you feel cozy as well as an eye covering/handkerchief.

You may also want a journal/paper and pen for any insights that arise.

Investment: Sliding Scale $20-$40
*please pay what you can.


February 29, 2020
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
$20 – $40